The Deming System of Profound Knowledge

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  • Published : October 29, 2006
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The very root of effective management is the lost art of communication, which is why the Deming System of Profound Knowledge focuses so greatly upon its resurgence into contemporary society. Whether a small family business of fifteen people or a conglomerate with tens of thousands, Deming (2000) illustrates how the fundamental basis of communication is not only the byproduct of profound knowledge but is also the one, single-most effective tool one can develop, particularly within the environment of a doctor's office. Deming's System of Profound Knowledge is key to understanding why effective business communication is an essential component in today's medical environment. Without it, there can be little if any cohesion among employees, management and patients. In order to establish this basis of communication within the workplace, doctors and their office managers have had to abandon their supervisory egos in exchange for an atmosphere of openness, encouragement and teamwork, all of which is acquired when one allows himself to be transformed, a manifestation that encourages one to "perceive new meaning to his life, to events, to numbers, to interactions between people" (Deming, 2000, p. 92). What is generally realized when people are imparted with the ability to openly communicate with one another is they are now able to form a collective opinion with respect to problem solving, decision making and innovative ideas. Indeed, it can readily be argued that unrestricted communication amidst a doctor's office borne out of Deming's System of Profound Knowledge is akin to implementing the concepts of group dynamics. Truly, the sense of connectiveness among a group's members can far outweigh any singular weakness that may be apparent in just one person. Logically speaking, a group thrives or fails because of its members; for any group dynamic to work, each of the members must be able to get...
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