The Dell Theory

Topics: Dalai Lama, 14th Dalai Lama, Technology Pages: 5 (1642 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Emilee Constantakos
Monica Sedore
ENC 1101
29 November 2011

The Digital Dilemma
The average college student will undoubtedly fail without having access to technology. Nowadays in classes, everything is digital. Professors require online testing, quizzes, and the ability to turn homework in all electronically. This forces students to have contact to a computer, a source of Internet, and other supplies. In today’s urban society, it is nearly impossible not to use some type of technology in ones everyday life. Nearly everyone is connected one way with technology through social media, education, health, and various others. Technology has changed the path of this world’s future, and is continuously changing with the blink of an eye. In Thomas Friedman’s essay, “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention” he discusses how technology has made the world flat, and how technology is a focal supply chain. In Michael Pollan’s article, “The Animals: Practicing Complexity” he illustrates the different technological aspects that are essential to organic farms. In the Dalai Lama’s essay titled “Ethics and New Genetics,” he discusses the aspects of genetic engineering. All three of these essays relate to advancements in technology. Modern technology has simplified our tasks, which have changed our common way of living and given us unimaginable chances for our future.

Technology in the education system has effected today’s world by opening many doors through tools as simple as the calculator or Internet, to as advanced as an iClicker. Technological advancements in education include simulation and models, online textbooks, self-quizzes and tests, and much more. Currently, students have access to online databases with vast amounts of outside information that could be used to further their education. Before recent technological advancements in education, all materials were taught the same way. With technology, students have expanded their horizons to learn in ways centuries before did not know was possible. An example of how technology has improved today’s education system would be disabled person. Education systems have created different resources, such as touch screen visual aids, using technology to aid disabled people to learn as much as possible. Currently, teachers use online resources to verify if a student has plagiarized ones paper or not. Without these advancements, ones education could only go so far. In Michael Pollan’s article, “The Animals” he discusses the importance of education how it relates to the work force. “Part of the problem is, you’ve got a lot of D students left on the farm today”(Pollan 289). This quote explains how farmers are frustrated with the quality of work their employees give. When students are given an education with advancements in technology they have more offers and chances to excel in their work life.

Technology has completely changed everyday life in the home by simplifying daily tasks. Technology in the home was non-existent centuries ago. Mothers would cook meals over coals and wash clothes in the river. Life is made easier in this day and age through kitchen and household appliances. One can now wash and dry clothes and dishes, while simultaneously microwaving an entire meal. Actions that would take hours to finish now are completely in mere minutes. Technology has also brought computers and television in homes. This aids families to work from home, or stay updated on current events. Technology has protected homes from invasion. Families can now sleep safely everyday without having to worry of a burglar or murderer, with the evolvement of home security systems. Technology has specifically advanced with the Internet. When the Internet first appeared, it was only available in dial-up, which took up to five minutes to even get onto the Internet. Over the years, broadband Internet was created, such as AOL, which speed up logging on time. Currently with wireless Internet, it takes virtually less...
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