The Dell Promotion and Price Paper

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The Dell Promotion and Price Paper
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The Dell Promotion and Price Paper
Promotion is the most important component in the 4 P's, so understanding how to promote a product is crucial to any company. No company knows this better than The Dell Corporation. Dell uses many different promotional methods to get their computer products seen by their targeted consumer markets. In today's paper I am going to start off by discussing some promotional vehicles that Dell uses to promote their computer products. Secondly, I am going to briefly analyze how the selected promotional methods position the products to appeal to its target audience. Lastly, I am going to identify where the products are in its product life cycle, and will describe how this life cycle stage affects the pricing strategy.

The Dell computer Corporation uses many different promotional methods to market their computer products to the appropriate target markets. Dell advertises heavily on television, on the Internet, in print such as magazines and newspapers, as well as, uses direct mail ad campaigns. All of these promotional vehicles have been designed to give Dell the competitive edge that they need to be the number one computer seller in the world.

"Dude, you should have bought a Dell", became a very popular television advertisement for Dell back in 2002. That one advertisement brought Dell's market share up 16.5 percent, which was more than double the previous year, according to The Wall Street Journal. In fact, these commercials had an addictive effect on the consumers that bought Dell products, and Dell used this ad and others to capitalize on the consumer computer market. Dell also used television advertisement in a slightly different way to sell their computers to the general public. Dell computers can be found on the popular QVC and

Dell also used the Internet very successfully to market their...
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