The Definition of Pessimists

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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The Definition of Pessimists
What is a pessimist? The word “pessimist” means “a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst or is disposed to be gloomy.” Pessimists are always sad and self-pity, paying more attention to bad side of everything, and don’t believe their ability to withstand the negative effects of bad. Pessimists seem always sad and self-pity. They feel they are the most unfortunate people and anyone fortunate than themselves. There is a lot of their own bitterness they want to share with other people. They also love to worry about some impossible events, such as the test which must be past will be failed, friendship will be suddenly broken up, or about the date will late. Did you hear the news about the end of the world? Maybe those were the pessimists’ fantasy. Pessimists treat apathy and indifference on the matter. Their eyes always have a sad and confused. If a pessimist as a writer, he must like to write essay about sad or make a fuss about an imaginary illness, such as Lin Dai yu. Pessimists always pay more attention to bad side of everything. It is really a strange phenomenon. I have read a story about a pessimistic girl. Her life was so boring and despair that she became more and more dissocial. In her sight, she only could saw every ugly thing, like a small blain on a clean face. She even said an impressive sentence “When everyone was born, he was starting to walk to die.” Then the pessimists can’t believe everything in society. In their sights that human nature is selfish, the world is ugly .Whatever they do, they still can’t cover the truth that people is shame, love is unreal, life as a play. Such as Arthur Schopenhauer even said “Life is a desire, if it couldn’t be meet, we would pain, but if it could be meet, we would bored. Life is always swinging between the pains and boring.” Last of all, pessimists don’t believe they have enough ability to withstand the negative effects of bad and don’t consider the can...
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