The Definition of Cultural Diversity and the Impact It Has in the Classroom

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In the past, diversity was not recognized as a necessary component of education. In previous years, the United States has been thought of as a country whose people were mainly of two races, black and white. The truth is America is a nation where citizens come from every nation of the world, and practice every known religion. It’s important to have diversity in the classroom because our society has become so diverse itself. While many people consider diversity to be a combination of different races, there are actually many different classifications of diversity, all having significance in a classroom. Some types of diversity include national origin, ethnicity, different languages spoken, religion, and even gender. It’s important as an educator not only to teach some of the cultural differences of diversity but also learn as well.

Cultural Diversity Defined
There are many different definitions for Cultural Diversity but they basically all mean the same thing – being different. Cultural diversity is the makeup of various social structures, belief systems and strategies that other cultures use to adapt to life situations in all parts of the world. In other words, as our textbook called it the multiculturalism of a group or organization or region. (Parvis, 2005) The definition from the dictionary website says that cultural diversity is the ethnic, gender, racial, and socioeconomic variety in a situation, institution, or group; the coexistence of different ethnic, gender, racial, and socioeconomic groups within one social unit. No matter what definition is read it will have the same factors or characteristics in it.

The Impact of Cultural Diversity in our Society
If we as humans look at any social setting of the modern world today, one will find that there is a clear presence of several diverse groups there. In the home, an IT company, or even a classroom. Globalization has made its foray into our lives and it's here to stay, and we must...
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