The Deep Dive: Solving a Design Problem in Five Days

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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In this activity, you will watch a group of professionals work to solve a design problem in just five days. Answer the following questions as you watch The Deep Dive. A class discussion will take place following the broadcast.

1. “From the buildings in which we live and work, to the cars we drive, or the knives and forks with which we eat, everything we use was designed to create some sort of marriage between _________________ and _________________.”

2. The folks at IDEO state that they are not experts in any given area. But, they do claim to be experts on the _____strange_______________, which they apply to the innovation of consumer products.

3. After the team of designers is brought together, told the problem, and informed they have five days to “pull it off,” what phase of the design process do they immediately engage in? brainstorming

4. Give two examples of what the team members did during this phase.

|a. |They deffered between the good and the bad | |b. |Made it better |

5. List five rules-of-thumb that IDEO employees follow when they share ideas during the brainstorming phase:

|a. |Stay focused | |b. |Build on ideas | |c. |One convwersation at a time | |d. |Encourage wild ideas | |e. |Differ judgement |

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