The Declining Values in Society Especially Among Youths

Topics: Childhood, Young, Youth Pages: 5 (1915 words) Published: July 7, 2008
Malaysia now and before has a huge and tremendous of differences. Look at the streets, the buildings, the facilities and other infrastructures; not all but most of it is in a good condition. Moreover, in most part of the country is covered by natural greens that provide us healthy environment and also clean air to breath. With many attractions in our country, Malaysia is now a tourist target for their vacation. All these achievements are not done by one man but it is the full cooperation of the citizens. However, in the long run, the workforce ages and here comes the new generation to pick it up from them. So, it is very vital that the youths are going to the right path of life to ensure the future of our country. But as we witness today, more and more children are having lots of social problems including fighting, crime, murdering, stealing and many of them left school at a very young age. Also, the statistic shows that cases of crimes are arising and at a worrying state. What is happening? Why is it uncontrollable? What are the best solutions? These are common questions arise among us.

First and foremost, I would like to pint point the parents, not to criticise them but to make them realize what went wrong between them and the children. A baby after birth is as if a pure white cloth with no dots or tears and the parents paint the colours on to the cloth as the kid grows. In other words, parents' interactions with their children facilitate children's moral development. Indeed that parent is too busy with their daily working schedule because of the demanding high cost of living as they work very early in the morning and only back at late night. By practicing this lifestyle, there is certainly no time for interaction with their children and definitely parents have no single idea of what their children does while they are at work. With no one to control the children, they will have the maximum freedom to do their favourite things rather it is good or bad doings. If it is good, there would not be a problem, but what if things turn the other way round where they reach drugs, illegal racing, stealing activities and so on. So, it is very important that parents take care of their children 24 hours a day to avoid unnecessary happenings.

Next point that I would like to stress on is less teachings of religion to the young ones. I believe that all the religion in this world teaches us the right things to do and none of it is negative activities. Nowadays, religion activities are not implemented by the parents themselves and not practiced as a part of daily ruitin. Then, how would you aspect the children follow the parents’ virtue footsteps? Prayers are forgotten, the Holy Bible is left untouched, holy and pure places of the respective religion are not being used. What is going to happen? Let me tell you what will possibly happen, strong belief or trust in God will be fragile and easily crumble soon enough. The youths would not be able to think rationally as in unable to differentiate good or bad and love or hate as there is no one to guide them the right way. This is mainly because of human learn and does bad things much quicker than doing good. If things turn out ugly, the children will be easily influence by a certain corrupted society in our country. As we all know, teenagers are stages of life that is unstable and likely to discover new and interesting things to do. Hence, it is best that the teens are under control to prevent further corruption.

My third stand on this topic is corrupted and immoral friends influent. We spend most of our time with our dear friends more than our family members as a student. So, choosing the right friend is very vital as it may lead to disasters if chosen wrongly. When a teenager mix and mingle around the rotten mates, he or she will also be brain washed and encouraged to be polluted as the whole group is. Drugs and also cigarettes will be part of the gang’s activity. Not only taking in...
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