The Declaration

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  • Published: July 24, 2013
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The Declaration Questions
The Declaration- By Gemma Malley
Chapter 1
1. Anna is at Grange Hall because she is a surplus.
2. A surplus is an excess of production or supply. A surplus is more than what is needed or used. Anna is referred to as a surplus because she is not meant to be there and is more than what the people need. Anna is just part of the excess of people. 3. A Valuable Asset is someone who is an extremely useful person. A Valuable Asset is there to clean, cook and do all of the housework for a wealthy Legal. A Valuable Asset is what Anna wants to be and in her view, being a Valuable Asset is much better than being a Surplus. Anna believes that the better she is at doing her work, the wealthier a family she will go to. 4. Flowers are frowned upon by the authorities because they don’t last forever like the Legals. Also flowers serve no purpose. They take up water resources and the only thing they do is look pretty. They don’t serve a purpose to the owner or anybody in the world except that they look nice. 5. Incumbent means something that is necessary because of a duty, responsibility or obligation.

Chapter 2
1. Longevity means ‘long life’. In ‘the Declaration’ Longevity is a drug that all of the Legals take, apart from the Legals that Opted Out. Longevity is a drug that renews your blood cells and curing them. Longevity protects you from diseases such as cancer and heart disease. 2. Dr. Fern discovered that Renewal (a drug that cured cancer, heart disease and AIDS) could cure old age as well. Dr. Fern took the drugs himself to see what happened and he stopped getting older. He didn’t tell anyone at first but then he told the authorities (or Government as it was called back then) and they made it illegal to take the drugs if you didn’t have cancer or AIDS. Dr. Fern died eventually because he wasn’t allowed to take the drugs anymore. 3. The Declaration of 2065 was the first of the Declarations to be put in place. The...
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