The Decade from Hell … and How the Next One Can Be Better.

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The Decade from Hell … and How the Next One Can Be Better.

By | June 2010
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Name: Chin Zhi-Heng
Class: S1A
Student No.: 10AS053

Times Magazine (December 7, 2009 Edition)
Article: The Decade from Hell … and how the next one can be better.

The article talks about how the United States (U.S.) has endured the first 10 years of the 21st century and the reason why this decade “went wrong”. From the economical view, the U.S. suffered two market crashes, namely the 2000 Wall Street crash and also the recent 2009 economic recession. The decade also saw more Americans living in poverty, an increase in percentage of Americans without health insurance, a number of corporate bankruptcies and also oil hitting a record $147 a barrel in the year 2008.

There were more mass shootings and terrorists bombings than in any other decade, such as the infamous terrorist attacks of 9/11 which resulted in the U.S. led war in Afghanistan and the murder of 32 Virginia Tech students. Not more than a year after the Asian tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina hit southeast Louisiana on the 29th of August, 2005, killing more than 1,500 and causing $100 billion in damages.

The decade also saw endless political scandals and sex scandals; most notably the Tiger Woods scandal and doping by athletes also marred the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Numerous pandemics were also highlights for the decade, namely the H1N1 flu and avian bird flu.

According to the author, all the events in the decade happened because of our own fault, namely our neglect, greed, self-interest and deferral of responsibility.

Indeed, many unfortunate events unfolded during the decade, the 9/11 terrorist attack, Hurricane Katrina, H1N1 flu, suicide bombing on London transit system and not to mention the shock death of Michael Jackson. It does all seem to be random and just plain bad luck, yet most of them are really due to human’s own flaw. For example, the ongoing war in Afghanistan against the al-Qaeda was due to U.S. neglecting warnings signs from around the world. There was the...

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