The Debt Ceiling and Obamacare

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The Debt Ceiling and Obamacare
On June 23rd, 2011, an article published in the TIME magazine (“One Document, Under Siege” by Richard Stengel) discussed how the Constitution was under attack and how we should interpret it. It also addressed the question of what the founding fathers, or the framers, would have to say about current issues. The answer to that is simple. Times now are so different compared to what life was when the Constitution was written, that the framers would most likely be in shock if they were asked their opinions about current issues. Especially there being a “halfwhite, half-black American President born in Hawaii (a state that did not exist)”. But the question of how we should interpret the Constitution itself and how to address issues in accordance with the Constitution, on the other hand, is quite open to discussion. In the article, Richard Stengel talks about four different points. Libya, the Debt Ceiling, Obamacare, and Immigration. I will be evaluating two of them, the Debt Ceiling and

Obamacare. The debt ceiling is basically the debt limit. Our name for how much debt the U.S. government can go into. Stengel makes it clear that taxation is necessary and that no one disputes that congress has the power to tax. Part of the reason the framers created a central government was to be able to pay off the debt from the Revolutionary War, meaning taxation is mandatory. He says“You might not like the power to tax, but it is one of the basic tenets of representative government. The Boston Tea Party slogan was “No taxation without representation!” It wasn’t “No taxation.” He then goes on to say that the U.S. shouldn’t try to weasel out of their debts, and if it defaulted, it would come out to be very unconstitutional. The 14th Amendment, Section 4 states:

“The validity of the public debt of the United States...shall not be questioned.” This clearly shows that when the U.S. borrows money, it is obliged to pay off their debt. Stengel...
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