The Death Trap (My Sci-Fi Story)

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Light Pages: 4 (1034 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Zi Zhu
February 27, 2013

Hairy shifted his bed and woke up, hearing the earsplitting, non-stop ringing sound coming from the hallway. He squinted. A glow of radiant blue light beat down on his eyes, coming through the ajar window, like an alien spaceship hovering above them, pointing the light to search for it's prime victim. It gradually faded and the darkness ascended once again, but the ringing has not stopped. He heard his chum Thomas still snoring. He called out out to Thomas, and he immediately woke up, still sleepy.

“Do you hear it?” Hairy asked, his voice shaky
“Yes, of course,” Thomas retorted. What in the world is happening? It's hurting my ears!” “I know,” Hairy echoed. “Let's go outside to see what the devil is making the sound.”

Thomas followed Hairy out the door and into the hallways of the college. They slowly walked to where the source of the sound came from. Inside a room, with a locked door. Hairy smoothed his hand on the wall, and located a key hanging on a nail. He slowly twisted the key and the door swung open. The sound had abruptly gone away. They backed off, as if expecting something to come running towards them. They were puzzled. The room had never been there. Inside was calamitous, like an explosion had occurred. Cobwebs sticked everywhere. Mossy cracked stone filled the floor, which the seats, desks, and shelves stood on, arranged in a messy way, the ripped books scattered everywhere. Hairy searched the light switch , but it wasn't in the room.

They continued walking blindly forward, hoping to find something. Then they saw something way suspicious. A ladder leading down, in the corner of the room. Hairy walked over there, looking straight down. He only saw pitch darkness. He grabbed a rock, and threw it down. It took two seconds to fully hit the ground. It was the best way to test how far down it was. Hairy was fickle about whether they should take the risk to go down. But they went. Hairy was first, his feeling of...
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