The Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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CRT 205

August 19, 2012
The Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished

Should the death penalty be abolished or not is a question that we ask ourselves. I don’t believe that it should I believe that if you have committed a crime that leads to the death penalty then it should be carried out. Now a day people think that they can get away with anything and not have to pay the consequences. I believe in the death penalty not saying that its right but why should we have remorse for these people when they didn’t think of the person that they were killing or the people they were killing when they did it. In the United States there are still 37 states that have the death penalty on the books. Some medical experts say that it is inhuman to have the death penalty. What is it humanly to murder and get away with it? If a murderer is released do you not think that it is going to happen again? The world just needs to look at the big picture and say if that were my child, brother, mother, father, etc. would I want this person walking the streets again. I bet the answer would be no. I know that in the real world it doesn’t work that way but the death penalty has been around for many years and should still be there. I don’t believe that if a person is defending themselves they should be put to death. I believe that people who murder should be considered for the death penalty especially if it is multiple murders. There are already too many people being allowed to get early releases from prison due to good behavior which is just ridiculous. Someone who kills others should have to think about their actions. If I kill this person I might as well kill myself because I’m going to be killed by the state or government for committing the crime. The system is really too soft on people who have rap sheets that are miles long and need to be kept in jail and those who have committed a misdemeanor get treated as if they committed murder what is wrong with the picture? In...
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