The Death Penalty: Applied Just and Fairly?

Topics: Murder, Death Penalty, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: October 11, 2011
The Death Penalty: Just or Fairly?
Edmond Dowling Jr.
PHI 103
Instructor Kelly Mink
October 10, 2011

Is the Death Penalty just and applied fairly?
Capital Punishment is viewed as a political viewpoint that has pro’s and con’s by the American people. Capital punishment is known as the “The Death Penalty” and is identified as the premeditated and planned taking of a human life. The government views this as a response to a crime committed by a legally convicted person. The question is The Death Penalty just and applied fairly? The argument against Capital punishment can include the following; Amnesty International, who believes that “The Death Penalty” is the cruelest denial of human, rights (White, 2009). The pro’s state that, “Capital punishment gives society the right and duty to protect the innocent in self-defense.” The Death Penalty gives closure to the victim’s families who have suffered so much. Some families may never recover from the cruelty of the crime, and most families just want closure. Most Americans and people from different countries such as; china, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan agree with capital punishment. White stated, “I believe that it sends the wrong message: Killing people who kill people to show killing is wrong (White, 2009). Therefore, is it just and applied fairly is the question that is asked, should we kill because some kill? I believe that we are sending a message to promote killing, is it fair for some and not for others. Counter Argument

Americans have for a long time been in favor of capital punishment for convicted murderers. In a 1981 Gallup Poll, two-thirds of Americans spoke their opinion for the Death Penalty (Radelet, Akers, 1996). These polls have determined that most Americans are very clear about the issue that the Death Penalty is justified punishment for murder. The justification suggests that murderers should be executed for the killing alone, murderers should suffer, and just...
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