The Death Penalty and Juveniles

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The Death Penalty and Juveniles
The Death Penalty and Juveniles
In the United States, the death penalty is an issue because of its controversies. Some people see it as a punishment. Some people say “an eye for an eye,” and believe this is the way to stop youth offenders from following the path of crimes such as murders. This does not only pertain to the youth but also to the adults. Others believe the death penalty to be cruel and unusual punishment even for the adults. In the law, juveniles are no different when considering the death penalty. These people believe a juvenile should be sentenced to death for murder. Then there are those who believe juveniles should not be sentenced to death. Proposal

The intent of this report is to collect the available data and information on the death penalty for juvenile offenders. This is not to argue about the pros and cons of the death penalty and juveniles, but to give data it can inform the controversial argument to focus on the Death Penalty and Juveniles. This is important to the general area under study because it will give a clearer view on the opinions of each person on the death penalty and juveniles. The intent is to provide details of death penalty and juveniles, whereas to give an understanding of what causes these young offenders to commit a crime and why the law agrees with the death penalty on juveniles with no difference from the adults. Additional studies show the death penalty used with juveniles may perhaps appear to be civilized or not. Sentencing a juvenile to death could lead to asking questions for instance Is the Death Penalty something we should really use on juveniles? What is the cost to keep the juveniles incarcerated for their lives? What would the cost be to execute them?

How would the world respond to a mistake happening during an execution involving a juvenile?  How can we execute juveniles in a manner people would deem acceptable?  How can we consider killing a juvenile when we have so many people die in ways he or she were not intended to during their executions?

The most important reason and focus on the juvenile system was to hold juveniles responsible for their delinquent’s acts with the use of rehabilitation. Though the delinquent acts of the juveniles have escalated from theft to killings making there behavioral acts more violent than before. The issues emerging from the death penalty on juveniles are the human rights, financial cost and unconstitutional cruelty. Another emerged issue was on how implementing the death penalty on children is “immoral and uncivilized” (Montaldo, 2011). Rational

The system should make many changes if the only options are killing a juvenile at such a young age. Killing a juvenile is very serious so we should be quick to do this no matter what their crime. If it does not work correctly they can suffer and no one wants this to happen. The problem with killing a person for crimes is worse if a child suffered during an execution. The system needs to find a method to work or a way to improve the system so it begins to rehabilitate those inside.

The manipulations/variations is a test of the number of juveniles are rehabilitated compared to those not while serving sentences or on probation for whatever reason and see if the cost would make it worth continuing or let these juveniles be given the death sentence. The variation would be the deciding factor in either continuing the rehabilitation or just saying well these children are costing too much money lets sentence them like adults commit the same crime (no matter what the age) and call it a day. Another variation could be monitored for juveniles are the facts on rehabilitation and those released from prison. Are these children followed to see if they progress on with a normal life without any kind of criminal history or are they on a path of destruction almost from the start of leaving prison? It would be interesting for statistics...
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