The Death Penalty and Its Consequences on Society

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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The Death Penalty and its Consequences on Society

If a criminal has committed a heinous enough crime to even be considered for the death penalty I do not believe the new age way of electrocution or lethal injection is the answer. While these trials are long, and often strenuous on the victim’s families. They not only have to endure that torment, but the torment of unserved justice for so many years while the criminal waits on death row. My opinion on the death penalty favors the classic firing squad. I do believe in the death sentence for heinous crimes, and I believe tax payers, as well as families of victims in some cases should not suffer while the criminal waits in a prison cell. According to Knickerbocker (1996):

Taylor was convicted of the 1988 rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl, charges that he denies. Under Utah law, those condemned to die may choose the firing squad or lethal injection. (Until 1980, the choices were between hanging and firing squad.) In only one other state - Idaho - is execution by firing squad still an option.

I support this form of execution, while there is still a span of about 10 years for any appeals, or new evidence the length of time spent on death row is lower. The cost of this execution is considerably cheaper as well, four out of five bullets supply the rifles used to carry out the sentence. I believe that if the death penalty is to remain in effect for any reason whether it be deterrence, or punishment executable by law. The firing squad should be a vital option for criminals to choose from. I also believe that giving the convicted the choice in how their sentence is carried out will haunt them during the time spent in prison waiting. The cost of DP vs. Life in Prison w/o Parole. During my research I did discover that life in prison without parole is cheaper. However, this is because most of the death row inmates have years to serve before their sentencing can truly end. Due to the lengthy trials, and time in...
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