The Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Crime Pages: 21 (6925 words) Published: December 8, 2012
For as long as one can remember capital punishment has been a cruel method of punishing the convicted. However, many believe that the punishment should be corresponding to the crime. We have heard of the saying, “An Eye for an Eye a Tooth for Tooth,” (Deut. 19:21 1984). This controversial method which has been abolished by various countries and states has persuaded numerous people to believe life without parole is more appropriate than the death penalty. The specific aim of this research is to understand and examine whether sociodemographic characteristics are related to attitudes about the death penalty. Executions of the falsely accused, the emotional impact of the victims’ family statement, crimes that are punishable by death how does the impact of the death penalty detour crime on our current society. These are all significant reasons to discovering if the death penalty is morally ethical. In the United States, there are five methods of execution; the most common procedures used are lethal injection, electrocution and lethal gas. What we do know about the death penalty is that the average inmate spends 13 to25 years on death row before a final decision is made (USA Today 2012); it is more expensive to house a death row inmate than an inmate serving L.W.O.P. (Life without the possibility of parole) and the two states that conduct the most executions are Texas and Virginia. What we don’t know about the death penalty is whether or not it is the ultimate justice for a grieving family? Or how the United States benefits from the abolishment of the death penalty. Is there a conceivable method to reforming the inconsistent criminal justice system?, and what happens when the mistake is discovered after a man has been executed for a crime he did not commit? The reason why this research is of the utmost importance, Is that many argue that capital punishment violates the eight amendment. Further technology has advanced in such a manner that innocent people should no longer be accused of a crime in which they did not commit. The knowledge that we plan to obtain is predicated on the research acquired. The use of close ended questionnaires, which will measure the response of attitudes concerning the death penalty. Carefully illustrated graphs and thoughtfully worded results will hopefully answer questions regarding the abolishment of the death penalty and how it would benefit the United States. Is there a conceivable method to reforming the inconsistent judicial system and does the execution of the convicted really bring closure to a hurting family. The impact of these results will optimistically provide enough knowledge to those who are in favor and for those who oppose capital punishment. Anticipating that the results will be significant enough for a mutual agreement to be established concerning the implementation of an alternative procedure becoming policy regarding crimes punishable by death.

Literature Review
Capital punishment stirs up a fierce debate in the United States, between those who support the justice of, and those who oppose the inhumanness of the death penalty. Many believe that capital punishment is the ultimate penalty for punishing the guilty; especially for prisoners convicted of heinous crimes like first degree murder. Many of these advocates who support the death penalty may consider themselves as religious and may belong to a particular partisan, organized partisan and the dogma of that partisan itself. Mixing the immoral with the illegal, parables such as, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” is found in religious texts like Holy Bible (2007) and the Quran (1997) to persuasively put forth the idea that anyone who takes a life should in turn pay with their life. On the other hand those who oppose the concept of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” resent the concept of killing used as a remedy for killing. However, in the United States 33 states including the U.S. government...
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