The Death Penalty

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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The Death Penalty, Justified or Legal Murder
Andrew G. Blakely III
PHI 103 Informal Logic
Debrina Washington
13 October 2012

1. Title:
a. The Death Penalty, Justified or Legal Murder
2. Thesis Statement:
a. The use of the death penalty has been a state issue for decades b. The use of the death penalty has been compared to legalized murder c. Does a Capital Offence constitute being sentenced to death by the government i. Jury of your peers

ii. Lawyers
iii. Judges
iv. Politicians
3. Arguments for the Death Penalty:
a. Removes capital offenders from society permanently b. Used as a deterrent to other criminals to not commit capital crimes c. Gives closure and a feeling of justice to the victims family d. A harsh punishment for a harsh crime, “An eye for an eye” 4. Arguments Against the Death Penalty:

a. Legalized murder
b. Sometimes the system and evidence is wrong
c. Every state has differences in executing the death penalty d. Not all states use the death penalty
5. Other Information:
a. Time between sentencing and execution
b. Cost v. Crime
c. What do the people of America really want to see

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