“the Death of Patroclus Sends Achilles Into a State of Despair Where He Questions Everything He Knows About Life”

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  • Published : October 29, 2011
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David Malouf’s Ransom portrays a strong connection between Achilles and Patroclus which is evident from their love for one another. Through the loss of Patroclus however, Achilles experiences a great deal of pain that comes from a sense of death, grief and loss, all of which are prominent themes within Malouf’s adaptation of the Iliad, Ransom. After the passing of Patroclus, Achilles looses all that is humane inside him, his anger concocted from his refusal to be consoled after Patroclus’ death sending him spiralling out of control and beyond recognition, violating every moral code by which he lives by. Achilles’ daily violation of Hector’s body in conjunction with his throbbing sense of grief and its yearning for a cure has caused Achilles to undergo a self transformation where he questions not only his past and present life, but also his future. Achilles and Patroclus share a bond which is much greater than the love shared between adoptive brothers. This was evident from when they met at an early age, Patroclus becoming Achilles “new centre” clarifying that Patroclus’ emergence into the life of Achilles was now worth more than anything in his (Achilles) world. The death of Patroclus however was like a blow to the heart of Achilles, his whole world gone forever, his universe no longer existent. As a child, Achilles was taught to conceal his feelings and to not portray to others how he felt but this belief, this show of strength was still reminiscent in his mind for he never learnt how to cope with grief and more so, the grief involved with the death of Patroclus. At the time of the death of Patroclus “the tears he brings (brought), fall (fell) inwardly, his cheeks are (were) dry” suggesting that Achilles still to this moment, had his emotions built up inside him but just never knew how to communicate them because he was never taught how. Unknowingly, Achilles confronts and kills Hector believing that this will in turn liberate and put him at ease from this...
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