The Death of Ivan Ilyich: Assumed Consensus in Ivan's World

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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The death of Ivan Ilyich

Ivan is the protagonist in the book The Death of Ivan Ilyich. He attends law school and later becomes one of the senior magistrates in the state. He marries Praskovya, a woman who does not love him, which makes Ivan to distance from his family and gets committed to his office work. He works with so much pride and only considers his personal concerns. He moves up the ladder and occupies top positions; however he fails to get the position of a presiding judge in the university. This makes him so furious that he resigns and moves, with his family, to get a better paying job than the previous. He gets a decent job and buys a luxurious house, where he moves his family. Unfortunately, he seriously injures himself while furnishing the new house. The injury causes serious pain and an illness that makes him resign his new job, and he eventually dies. The paragraphs below discuss Assumed Consensus in Ivan’s world, as well as, how conforming to Assumed Consensus, eviscerates meaning in his life.

Ivan’s world is full of assumed consensus. Firstly, vanity takes over his life, and unreasonable beliefs, as well as, envy overcome his life, which makes him believe that his position in life is not smart enough. This makes him sad, and he never enjoys life even when he succeeds. Secondly, Ivan and his wife use much time and energy to impress their fake friends by buying expensive crap, rather than working on their dysfunctional marriage that make them live a life of mutual hatred, “Ivan lives a formal life towards his marriage” (Tosley 12). Thirdly, Ivan has no interest in loving anyone apart from himself, although sometimes he wishes to be loved by his colleagues. Moreover, Ivan’s world is full of insecurity since he does not understand his motivations and this makes compulsions of his unconscious impulses to control him, “depressed and dissatisfied with his lifestyle he looks for the best job,...
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