The Death and Resurrection of Osiris

Topics: Religion, Human, Sociology Pages: 1 (423 words) Published: March 27, 2013
“The Death and Resurrection of Osiris” is a mythological story that has no actual precise records but dates back to the Egyptian’s s ancient history.  It differs greatly from the way our American culture and western civilization views religion, revolving around creating a very mysterious, fascinating, spiritually complex belief. No other humans have a religion that resembles the Egyptian’s, but certain characteristics are similar. Egyptian society worships many gods and believed it was their duty to honor them as best they could. It revolved around spiritual guidance from the gods and myth. Pyramids were built in honor of gods and help evolved their technology, culture, achievements, and general beliefs.  The religious beliefs shaped the, the infrastructure of the land, the ancient culture of the society, and the way humans lived their everyday lives. Osiris, the god of agriculture, was a very popular god that positively influences the people, teaching them skills and trade to make them more functional and able to being to form a society. He represented the cycle of agriculture, planting and harvesting, in the sense that he had ups and downs in life, flourished, dies, and then came back. His life is a metaphor of a harvest cycle by death and rebirth. I think one message that is being delivered through the story is that determination and hard work is essential. Iris is determined to find Osiris and works hard to serve the people at the same standards as Osiris, as well as find him, bring him back to life, and remain a faithful wife towards him.       The people in this society believed that they were going to be judged after death, and believed a system of values and ethics had to be withheld in honor to be deemed worthy enough to be judged in a good standing. People behaved better and focused on their values, it made the order of the land better, more civil, and under better control.  By enforcing a system of punishment and reward for those who followed the...
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