The Dearth of Research in Nigeria with Reference to Ekiti State

Topics: Library, Research, Ekiti State Pages: 10 (3389 words) Published: December 14, 2012


Paul Toba Ayeni

January 2012,

Dearth can be defined as the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable (online Wikipedia 2012). Research has been defined in a number of different ways.
A broad definition of research is given by (Martin Shuttleworth 2008) - "In the broadest sense of the word, the definition of research includes any gathering of data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge." Another definition of research is given by (Creswell, J.W. 2008 page 8) who states - "Research is a process of steps used to collect and analyze information to increase our understanding of a topic or issue". It consists of three steps: Pose a question, collect data to answer the question, and present an answer to the question. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines research in more detail as "a studious inquiry or examination; especially  : investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision of accepted theories or laws in the light of new facts, or practical application of such new or revised theories or laws". Research is almost as old as man on earth. All that has changed over the years is the approach or method employed in particular research activities. The need to carry out investigations and 'evolve new theories is one of the most fundamental functions of the corps of the intelligentsia of a particular society. Similarly, the place of such research activities in the developmental efforts of any society has also been recognized. This is why special attention has been paid to research and documentation by countries that have been eager to develop technologically (Shehu Ahmed Jimoh 199s pg 1). For instance, according to Nkwi (1992, p. 35), following the Meiji Restoration in 1968, the Emperor of Japan was required to take five oaths, one of which stated that "knowledge will be sought and acquired from any source with all the means at our disposal, for the greatness and security of Japan". Today, Japan is a great and powerful industrial nation.

The orientation of this paper stems from the conviction that the search for knowledge in all its ramifications is an obligatory duty of man. Almost all religions accord it a position of eminence. Most nations have faith in it and give it due attention. Unfortunately, it does not appear that research and documentation in general and educational research in particular, has enjoyed adequate attention in Ekiti State context. This paper attempts to highlight the present state of the art in Ekiti State, the local problems facing research, and the way forward. THE PROFILE OF EKITI STATE

            Ekiti State was created out of the old Ondo State on 1st October 1996. The State covers the former 12 Local Government Areas in the Ekiti Province of the old Ondo State.  Ekiti State, with about 2 million people spans over 7,000 sq. km and lies south of Kwara and Kogi States, east of Osun and south of Ondo State. The State is endowed with tropical climate, rain forest and Guinea savannah. The people of Ekiti State, though predominantly agrarian, embrace education warmly. Cash and food crops are grown extensively in the State. Cocoa and Timber are the main cash crops. There are quite a lot of solid minerals like alkaline, silicon, iron ore, clay, uranium and gold yet to be tapped.             There are artisans and traders as well as some cottage industries. There is a textile mill at Ado-Ekiti and a ceramic factory. The speed and degree of development in the State are however limited by some inadequacies of social infrastructure like electricity, pipe borne water, road network and the need to ensure functionalism, quality, relevance and inclusion in the States educational system. LIBRARY SITUATION IN EKITI STATE PUBLIC SCHOOLS

The school library has been described as...
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