The Deadliest Tsunami in History?

Topics: 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Tsunami, Sri Lanka Pages: 4 (1176 words) Published: October 2, 2011
It was a serene Sunday in Banda Aceh, Indonesia when a substantial earthquake measuring around 8-9 on the Richter scale devastated the Indian Ocean region. The quake started at approximately 8:25 a.m. and lasted a prolonged seven minutes. The sea level drastically subsided and residents of the Banda Aceh began collecting fish that were exposed on the beach due to the change in sea level. At this time, in Banda Aceh, it was now 9 a.m., and Banda Aceh was not as peaceful. Overwhelming waves began to demolish homes and businesses on the shore as well as violently carry away pedestrians. Dead bodies, collapsed buildings, and a layer of mud nearly a foot thick accumulated on the shoreline after the tsunami struck. (After the Tsunamis). After twenty minutes of chaos, the lives of the residents as well as the tourists encompassing the Indian Ocean Region including Banda Aceh would be changed forever. The Boxing Day tsunami had numerous detrimental effects such on people, property, and the environment which ultimately raised tsunami awareness around the Indian Ocean region.

There were many harmful effects to the people of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka as well as numerous countries in Southeast Asia. The effects on tourists and residents included physical and metal injuries, such as psychological problems, respiratory infections, bone fractures, and skin diseases. The Boxing Day tsunami is estimated to have killed over 230,000 by causing victims to drown and also causing various other fatal injuries. (Indonesia Commemorates). These deaths have a physical and mental effect on the people of Indonesia, in particular the children who have lost their family in this natural disaster. In “Psychosocial aid to children after the Dec. 26 tsunami”, Kathleen Kostelny and Michael Wessells focus on the necessities of children after the 2004 tsunami. They convey the causes, effects and solution to the psychological dismay of the children after such a horrific event. Kostenly...
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