The Dead Poets Society: Mr Keating an Effective Teacher

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Imaan Jiwa The Dead Poets Society March 29th, 2012

In the movie The Dead Poets Society, a very unique and out of the ‘norm’ teacher, known by the name of Mr. Keating, teaches boys at Welton boarding school about more than just school work-he teaches them about life. For this reason, Mr. Keating was most definitely an effective teacher.

One of the many reasons why Mr. Keating was an effective teacher was because he helped Todd Anderson-a shy, quiet student, come out of his ‘shell’. In the beginning of the movie, we see Todd as a conservative, shy kind of character attending Welton who never has much to say. Though, as the move progresses, Mr. Keating slowly but surely helps and pushes Todd to come out of his shell and speak what really is on his mind. One of the ways Mr. Keating helped Todd to stop being so shy was when he made Todd make up a poem, in front of the class, on the spot. This activity was quite effectual and I think it gave Todd self-esteem and confidence.

Another reason why Mr. Keating was an effective teacher is because, from the very start, Mr. Keating always encouraged his students to ‘seize the day’ and become who they really were, rather than how society wanted them to be. One person that Mr. Keating’s philosophy really influenced and affected drastically was Neil Perry, as Neil made many life-threatening decisions based on his advice from Mr. Keating.

One of the things that made Mr. Keating such an effective teacher was his ability to relate to the boys in ways that other teachers failed to do. Mr. Keating treated his students with respect and tried to connect with them on a personal level, by sharing things about himself and doing a range of different activities. Mr. Keating did so much more than just share knowledge; he gave the students courage to make decisions on their own. He taught them in different ways and opened up their minds to new ideas by (literally) showing the boys how to look...
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