The Dead

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| The dead & the gone|

| The dead & the gone|

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General Information
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Discussion Questions
Why does it help to make list he knows?
What does religious faith play in the Morales family? How does their faith sustain them through their hardships? What does Alex realize at Mass after he hears Father Franco’s announcements? Alex realizes that everybody knows about the subway, the phone, and the electricity is cut off. Do you think it would have been better for Alex to find his mother body in Yankee Stadium? Why or why not? Yes it would better for Alex to find his mother body in Yankee Stadium because then he would actually know he found her. Why does Alex pray after he leaves Yankee stadium? What does he not want to acknowledge Where does Alex send Bri? Do you think it was the right decision? What is Julie’s reaction? What does Uncle Jimmy offer to take Julie with him and his family to Tulsa? Why does Alex decide against letting go of her? Why does Alex think father Mulrooney showed “insufficient compassion”? Do you agree with Alex? Father Mulrooney say that in the worst of times rules are needed more than ever to prevent anarchy but Alex argues that rules that rules sometimes cause the anarchy. Who do you agree with? What does Alex mean when he says that rules sometimes cause anarchy/ what are some examples of that in the story? What natural disasters are happening in the western part of the country to make things worse in New York? How does Alex feel about going “body shopping” with Kevin? Would you do the same under similar circumstances? What does Alex find out from James about the evacuation camps? Why does Bri return to...
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