The Dayak Tribal: Habitat and History

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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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Researchers in anthropology agree that nearly all Dayaks tribes, are of a larger more common Austronesian migration from Asia, regarded to have settled in the South East Asian Archipelago some 3,000 years ago. The Dayak Tribal people have been feuding with one of their neighbors the Madurese from the island of Madura. Under Indonesia's transmigration program, settlers from densely populated Java and Madura were encouraged to settle in the Indonesian provinces of Borneo. There were massive attacks on the Indonesian Madura, organized by the Dayaks. They burned down communities, picked fights with random people which later lead up to the “Sampit conflict”. This conflict was sparked due to political ruling of population and land. The Madurese came to Borneo in the 1930’s, they were part of a transmigration program that was made by the Dutch, and was continued by the Indonesian government. In the year 2000 the Madurese made up 21% of the central Kalimantan, where the Dayaks also resided. What really pissed off the Dayaks was the favoritism of the government in Madurese. The Indonesia government gave them control of many commercial industries, such as; logging mining and plantations.

The feud between the two started small, with rumors of the Dayak burning down the homes of the Madurese people. It’s been said, that the Madurese would capture Dayak people, and torture them until they died. In retribution the Dayaks would go and burn their houses down and it would just go back and forth. Sometimes fights start when you run into to someone from the opposite side, or making a bet on a local cock fight, any type of gambling, and not being able to pay it back. The Last major conflict between these two was on December 1996- January 1997 where there were more than 600 deaths.

The Dayaks are headhunters, they decapitated over 100 people during this conflict. They always like to carry around a small sharp knife that was concealed, because they didn’t know when another...
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