The Day the Cowboys Quit

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Ashley Ricks
Mrs. Lucas
ENGL 1301.U019
18 October 2011
There is an old saying children seem to always chant when being picked on. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” This worked against bullies in grade school, but does it continue to defend against bullies as children turn into adolescents? “Cyber Bullying is defined as the interaction between two minors using the internet, cell-phones, or any type of digital technology” (Anderson 18). As children grow into pre-teen and teenage years harsh words become harder to escape, the piercing name calling become false reputations. “In the United States, Megan Meier, ended her life in 2006, aged 13” (Bhat 53). Are there specific reasons victims are targeted, can it have lasting effects, legal stand points, and is it easy to prevent? Cyber bullying can take lives; therefore harsher punishment should be required for those caught victimizing.

“40% of teens in the United States are victims of cyber bullying” (Drogin 680). The real question is why? Is there a reason that bullies target their victims? There are various reasons why the victims of bullies are chosen. Sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity, usually the minority are all factors that can cause minors to get bullied. There are numerous reasons; some victims are targeted simply because the bully wants something the victim has they do not. The bully could be jealous of the victim’s social life, physical stature, or their relationship. The online violence escalated into this serious physical attack which is being investigated by Brisbane police” (Doneman, 2008). Although many times, the identity of the perpetrator is unknown. The anonymity technology gives the bullying makes them braver, more intimidating because the victim does not know who the p. It is also said that “Victims of bullying are often persons with low self- esteem level, seemingly shy and withdrawn…”(Dracic 217). All together there is no direct...
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