The Day That Changed my Life

Topics: United States, Prank call Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Hi! My name is Irfan. My life has been full of fun and excitement. Besides, the word fun is already in my name. Difference from others, since young it has been my hobby to prank people around me. One of the best ways for me to refresh myself is by pranking someone. To me, the best part about pranking is when I saw the reaction of my victims. Everyday is an April fool to me.

Sometimes, I have been wondering if I could one day commercialise my hobby through a TV show. Out of expectation, when I’m 23, I really got the opportunity to produce and direct my own prank TV show entitled ‘Just For Fun’. Since then, my life had changed drastically, especially on my financial. My TV show had been very successful more than I expected. With the help from many individuals, like, my families, friends and even my teachers, the TV show became more interesting as the prank keeps on improving and more fun.

For 2 years and 6 months, ‘Just for Fun’ was rated as the highest grossing TV show of all time until one day, a simple prank changed everything. For 3 years, we had been working so hard to make sure that ‘Just For Fun’ is always on demand. Therefore, as an appreciation, I brought all my crews for a vacation to the United States of America. If only I know that something tragic will happen.

Everything started when I decided to make a prank while we are on our vacation. The idea of the prank was actually very simple. Whereby, Ryan who was one of my crew will hide in a post box which is big enough for him stay in and whenever there was someone who put a letter inside, he will throw it out of the post box.

All cameras had been set up and the show begun. The first 1 hour of waiting was worth it because there were 15 people who were being pranked. Everything went so well, exactly like what had been planned until a guy who were pissed off by the prank shot Ryan who were in the post box. At the moment when I heard the shot, my life seems to be very empty. Ryan died on the...
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