The Day My Goldfish Died.

Topics: Death, Mind, Thought Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: September 11, 2008
The day my goldfish died

The day my goldfish died was definitely a day like any other day, except my goldfish wasn’t alive any more. He was not moving across his tiny tank. I tried to be real about it. It was a fish after all. How long did I think he would live? Certainly not for ever. I knew he wouldn’t live forever in my mind but at my heart I was expecting him to live longer. At least a few more years then when I was ready for him to die, I would tell him to do so. He wasn’t supposed to die suddenly and leave me like this. I have only had him for a couple of days. I know that sounds silly now as I remember that day, but I was only 7 years old at that time. At that day I sat in front of his tank for 1 hour. Just looking at his dead body. Waiting for him to wake up and move. I wanted him to wake up so my happiness could wake up too. That day I waited and waited and waited. But my goldfish didn’t get up. I called him, first in my head but as I saw it wasn’t working I called him out loud. No move. That was when my mom came into my room and saw my dead goldfish. I knew she understood how I felt just by looking at me. She hugged me and told me it was alright. She said “they all die, sooner or later.” Then she tried to find reasons for his death. Like all the other adults. It is like if they find out what the reason was they would feel better. So they keep searching and find different reasons which some are true and some are not. Then they choose the not true one. They don’t accept the true one as the real reason because the fake one sounds more convincing. But I wasn’t an adult so I didn’t care why the goldfish died. The important thing was that he was dead and no matter how many reasons I find for his death, he wasn’t going to become alive. My mother said ‘I think you over fed that fish” then she said “Or maybe the water was too cold.”. Of course she accepted the one that wasn’t true and said “Now you leaned a lesson. Always check the water temperature and make...
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