The Day After Tomorrow by Roland Emerich

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  • Published : August 18, 2008
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The film depicts the catastrophic effects of global warming, by utulising various cinematic techniques in order to convey the intensity of the movies plot. In most cases of large scale natural disasters, many long shots are used in order to completely capture the elements of the scene. By applying panning wide angles with the stunning computer generated imagery the scenes emphasise the scale in which the natural disaters occur. Due to the films plot, the majority of scenes invovling wide angle shots were accompanied by CGI in order to showcase modern cinematographic tehcnology. In other less active shots, close up angles are used to increase the seriousness of the situation, additionally, the film also greatly employs the same effect in order to capture the sense of despair and hopelessness in addition with a bleak melody in order to increase the effect. This is evident in the majority of the shots in which the president of the united states is involved. The film, in conjunction with the plot, display obvious instances of forshadowing in which grim and dreary imagery are used to imply a forcoming natural distaster, this is most evident in a scene in which a undershot of an unusual amount of crows or birds flying towards the same direction. The film also exhibit elements of a thriller towards the conslusion of the movie, in which the actors are seen being chasedd by wolfs. These particular scenes create a heart stopping atmosphere through the use of tracking shots in a fast paced motion and the use of a shaking camera. In a particluar scene in which tornadoes were invovled, a person is seen walking towards and opening a door to find that half the building was torn apart leaving nothing, in this particular scene the camera zooms out displaying the damage caused by the tornado, this shot emphasizes the shear power of natural disasters and their effects throughout the film. During the very conclusion of the film many of the same cinematic tehcniques were used in...
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