The Dangers of the Trenches Ww1

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  • Published: December 10, 2012
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The Great War began in 1914 and lasted a gruelling 4 years. During this war, new and powerful weapons were developed such as machinery, guns and heavy artillery. Soldiers had no choice but to dig trenches, which were barely sustainable to live in, in order to protect themselves from the constant enemy gunfire. They lived, ate, slept and fought in these trenches for the whole 4 years… In this investigation I will thoroughly examine evidence from a whole range of resources to find out the extent of some of the misery and dangers in the trenches for the British and soldiers in World War One starting with miseries.  

Chapter 1
Was Life In The Trenches Miserable?

The Food in the Trenches

A huge amount of food was sent to the French trenches for British troops in the war. Approximately 3,240,948 tons of food was sent to the battle field. Soldiers had to have enough food to keep them alive and fit enough to fight so at the beginning of the war, they had only 10 ounces of meat and 8 ounces of vegetables a day for each solider. However, the size of as the number of recruitments went up the demand for food also spiked and the army couldn’t maintain these portions and lowered the meat to only 6 ounces of meat a day! This was a very small amount and even though the soldiers could only have that they felt hungry and weak. A British soldier, George Coppard, remembering his life in the trenches said, “How much food that arrived in the trenches depended on the weather, transport and enemy action. Wrapping loose rations such as tea, cheese and meat was not considered necessary, all being tipped into a soggy sandbag. In the wet weather the conditions was unbelievable and you could bet the rats could get to the food first.” The advantage in the world war was the invention of been able to tin food; this meant it was able to stay in tins for a longer amount of time before it was inedible. This meant food like Bully Beef became the...
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