The Dangers of Oline Dating

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Glenn DeGennaro
ENG 101
12:30 pm
The Dangers of Online Dating
Did you know over forty million people have an online dating profile? Many people in the world at some point made an online profile on a dating website. Did you tell the whole truth on your profile? Or did you create a fake image of who you’re really not. Dating and meeting someone new is hard for many people. There are some people who feel the pressure of being single and turn to online dating as a reliable source of social interaction. Even though online dating makes it easier to meet new people, it is killing the quality of relationships. People aren’t looking for love anymore; they are playing the game of love. Online dating users rarely show any commitment in the new people they date because they know a new date is right around the corner. Those users solely rely on a profile and a picture to try to learn about that potential partner. Men and women are finding it difficult to socially interact face-to-face and rather interact online behind the curtain.

If there are any, what are the benefits of online dating? Dan Stalter the author of the magazine periodical “A million first dates, how online dating is threatening monogamy” explains that the internet makes it easier for single people to meet other single people whom they might be compatible with (Slater 42). Slater then explains how many psychologists determine the strength of commitment in these online relationships. The first thing is if that person is satisfied with the relationship they are in, the amount of time and effort put into that relationship, and finally the quality of perceived alternatives (43). With online dating becoming so popular technology is making it easier to meet a person on the fly. Slater explains that there is a phone application that can let you advertise your location and your desired activity. This allows you to meet anyone within a close distance of you. Will this become...
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