The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence Review

Topics: Fuel economy in automobiles, Energy conservation, Corporate Average Fuel Economy Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 3, 2013
erousThe Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence
In Dangerious Delusions of Energy Independence, Robert Bryce argues that Americans embody freedom and autonomy. becoming “energy independent” energy demand is too large that to develop a domestic supply and to try be energy independent from Islamic countries is counterproductive to the. Since post 9-11, the words oil and terriorist have been a major concern, politicians and news also have promoted heavily on this idea. American image is independence, phrase “independence, used by politicians to appeal to voters post Sept 11/11: oil and terrism Parts of where oil is imported from Islamic extremists are abundant = terriorist, petrodollar into terrorists pocket. Americans have the idea that foreign oil or energy is bad. Danger to economy, security, not patriotic. Assumptions . Political platforms, campaigning candidates all raised this issue in some fashion. Claims the idea of achieving energy independence to national security. Contradictory to economic, military, political, environmental – makes no sense. Interdependent, accept the reality of energy interdependence. He points out that the biggest oil producer also imports fossil fuels by not acknowledging the reality and trying to detour, it’s really adopting inefficient, counterproductive policies. Need to actively engage Caused even larger subsidies for corn producers for ethanol

America is too needy for oil, global market is too sophisticated and integrated for US to secede. Economies of scale – each player (country) in that market can provide the goods and services that it is best capable of producing., protectionism (theory of developing domestic industries by protecting them from foreign competition) and isolationisms (declining to enter alliances, foreign economic agreements My thoughts:

In my first business class, I learned the concept of “economies of scale” which means the country which produces the product most efficiently should do just...
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