The Danger of Sexting

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  • Published: January 11, 2013
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Before we can get into the dangers of
Sexting, let‟s make sure you really
know what this is. According to
Wikipedia, Sexting is , “the act of
sending sexually explicit messages or
photographs, primarily between mobile

Most people aren‟t aware of the
dangers really involved when sending
a sexually explicit picture through
their phone or the Internet. Over the
past several years, the number of
people Sexting has increased while
the ages of those people creating the
sexually explicit images and videos
have decreased. Take a look at an
example provided by PEOPLE
magazine in 2009:

“On a typical day Ben Hunt
and his best friend John Eicher,
both 14, send each other about
a dozen routine text messages.
But on Jan. 15, while at school,
Hunt sent Eicher something on
his cell phone that suddenly put
their futures in peril: a photo of
a girl in their class exposing a
breast. Eicher didn‟t see it as a
big deal. „I really didn‟t think of
deleting it,‟ says Eicher, an
eighth grader who at the same
time attended the Lawrence
School in Falmouth, Mass., with
Hunt. „I was, like, whatever.‟


But school officials, alerted
to the photo by two students
sprang into action. They seized
Hunt‟s phone, and the police
arrived. It turned out the photo
had been taken by another
make student of his 13-year-old
girlfriend, who had allegedly
posed for the shot. The fact that
both boys had received the
picture unsolicited, and that
Eicher had done nothing more
than open the file, didn‟t matter.
To the shock of the boys and
their families, authorities initially
whether to charge the teens and
four other boys who had
trafficking in child pornography,
meaning they could face jail
time and having to register as
sex offenders.”

The dangers of Sexting aren‟t always
well known and when you find out
about them, it may be too late. That is
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