The Danger of Cell Phones

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Vincent Phelps
Mr. Anderson
10 December 2012
Cell Phones of Death
Skeptics have been saying cell phones cause dangerous side effects. As a result, some people claim that when magnetic waves are sent from cell phones, the waves have an allergic reaction on them. Others are saying these same waves caused their cancer. However, I have found virtually no studies that support these claims with scientific evidence. This is the reason for my choice of policy. The policies in regards to cell phone use should not change, for no study has shown a cause effect relationship of cancer and human allergies to the use of cell phones. Cell phones have a mythological back ground for causing cancer. A few Electro-Sensitives think that cell phone EMR actually caused their cancer. However, it is highly unrealistic that the things the electro-sensitives are scared of really promote cancer (Electro-Sensitives 1). Furthermore, these thoughts are assumptions and there is no scientific evidence to prove these accusations. Cancer is accepted to be caused by damage to DNA making the cell reproduce the wrong type of cell for that area of the body. This is what we call a tumor. If this tumor begins to spread to other areas of the body it’s diagnosed as cancerous. Many studies have been performed to try to prove that cell phone electromagnetic radiation, in the form of radiofrequency, can indeed damage DNA. In the document “Cell Phones and Cancer Risk,” from the National Cancer Institute, it states that: “The results of these studies have generally not provided clear evidence of a relationship between cell phone use and cancer” (2). Of course studies will continue to be taken and I encourage these studies. However, right now there is no evidence to prove otherwise. In the paper “Electro-Sensitives & Electrohypersensitivity” from The Skeptic’s Dictionary, it gives proof to why cell phones are seen as not able to cause cancer: Ionizing radiation is known to cause...
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