The Dance Floor Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : November 1, 2008
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The hot water pulsates on my back like a heart beat after a dynamic performance. My shower is over and my fun will soon begin. My girls called me frantically on the phone screaming about the hottest party in town and I am definitely going to be seen there. I search through my closet to see what I can wear. I pick out one of my favorites; it’s a sleeveless floral chiffon blouse. It has this beautiful pop art design of red, yellow, green, and purple flowers with a ruffled detail at the waist. It’s super sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and very trendy in today’s fashion world. I top it with the perfect summer essential which is some non-cliché khaki linen shorts. I love them, because they are great for my legs, making me appear to be like a flamingo, long and graceful. Now it’s time for my for the number one highlight of my outfit; the shoes. My girls and I always try to outdo each other when it comes to our “foot work.” I search through piles and piles of shoe boxes looking for the perfect shoe and at last I found a pair. Tonight I’m going to talk a walk on the wild side with my crocodile embossed, gladiator inspired, brown sandals. They’re fresh from Steve Madden, right off the new arrival section, they’re so debonair; and I know none of my girls have these. I’m still not done with my regalia. It’s time for the accessories that I know will be the perfect addition to animating my glamorous ensemble. As I look into my jewelry box I have absolutely no idea what to choose from. Ok, so maybe I will start with the handbags. Should I do my olive, oversized, multicolored clutch? Or my textured woven tote bag with the chain link shoulder straps? Well, since it’s a party and I don’t need to really carry anything besides my cell phone and lip gloss, I decided to grab my clutch purse. I suddenly hear a car horn blowing really loud and I know it was them. Darn it I’m not even ready. I quickly throw on some wooden and gold plated bangles and a pair of golden sage eardrop pendants,...
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