The Cyclops

Topics: Sean Bean, Odyssey, God Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Odysseus, the guy who poked me in my only eye, has been fighting for ten years in a city called Troy. When he finally finished, the gods were angry and sent a huge storm in the sea their way.
The Greek warriors waited for the storm to end. They ended up on the shore of an island. It’s actually my island. I, Polyphemus, live in a cave on my island. It has lots of food so I’m good. Odysseus and his men explored the island and found my cave. They feasted on my baby lambs, goats, fruits and vegetables. They knew I was going to arrive soon so they planned on offering wine.

Then I came in and saw visitors that were not invited. I asked who they were. They said they are warriors from Troy and they were under protection from the god Zeus. I said that I don’t care if they were under protection from Zeus and that I was not afraid of him. I ate two guys and fell asleep.

That night Odysseus desperately tried to think of a plan to escape. He found timber and sharpened the end of it. He offers me wine. I drank it. Then for the second time in the story I fall asleep.

Odysseus and his men blind me with the sharpened timber. They hid under my fat lambs so I couldn’t find them. They quickly escape and run to their ship. Odysseus taunts me. I throw a boulder with my almost perfect aim. I miss by just a little bit so they got away safely.

I mean, come on, they should’ve got a screwed up ship because I only missed by like inches , but anyways, yea, I promise to get revenge the next time he comes back and touches my eye.
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