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  • Published: October 8, 2014
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Cute is in the Eye of the Beholder
Gary Casper
English 1102
Dr. Dodd
October 15th, 2014


Most people do not give thought or consideration to what is cute. Unnoticed by most people, is that cute is more than a one dimensional concept. A cuteness craze can occur at a zoo because of the first showing of a new baby animal on display. Unexpectedly, this can also happen with some selective other entities, that would have only made the ugly list, but unexpectedly they made the cute list instead. Even more complex is the way that different cultures use the cute factor. In the United States, the cute factor is used more as a tool for advertising, profit or personal gain. Countries such as Japan use the cute factor to soften masculinity and make people feel more comfortable with the authority figures in control of their daily lives. Cute can be identified as a positive, warm and fuzzy concept, the world over. That being said, cute is more recognized as a feeling then a concept. Human feelings are complex and fickle, so in turn so is the cute factor.

Cute is in the Eye of the Beholder:
Cute cannot be pigeon holed into one definition. Cute is not a one size fits all concept. What is considered cute is much more broad and complex. It is true that when a baby animal is born at a zoo a sort of hysteria ensues but ugly can also cause the same hysteria. It cannot be easily explained why something that would normally be considered ugly, such as a manatee, causes so many to feel that they are cute. Even more complex is the way that different cultures use the cute factor. Americans seem to use the cute factor, more often, for profit or personal gain, such as in advertising. While other countries such as Japan use the cute factor to wrap the culture in a warm and fuzzy blanket of calm. Something cute causes a warm and fuzzy feeling or experience. The constant is that cute is used in a positive way, but...
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