The Customers Revenge

Topics: Customer service, Policy, Implementation Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: June 14, 2011
‘The Customer’s Revenge’
We have all been somewhere in a store or dealership when there was an irate and unhappy customer looming in our presence. They were obviously upset about something and generally draw a lot of negative attention to themselves and to the company. Luckily for companies, just a few short years ago only a few customers out of hundreds, thousands, or millions would have seen the negative effects of the incident, but in current times almost everyone has a camera phone that records videos and it only takes a matter of seconds for videos like that to go viral on some social-media network. Because of today’s technology, everyone has free access to various social-media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook that reaches millions of followers and can spread positive as well as negative connotations by a quicker, newer version of word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth is one of the biggest marketing benefits for businesses because it is free and reaches millions of potential customers on an unbiased level, however it can also have huge negative effects if a company does something to make its customers mad. It has become an ever-growing problem to try and combat these negative effects and to learn what companies can do to keep their customers happy before it is too late.

In the Harvard Business Review article titled “The Customers’ Revenge,” Atida motor company is struggling to decide on how best to handle multiple customers’ threats of taking their problems public on YouTube. Atida’s Vice President of Customer Service, Jim McIntire, believes that it is time to change their customer service policy because he knows the negative impact this can have on a new product as well as current sales. The company faces a very high-risk situation in determining whether or not to change the policy. If they do not change the current policies regarding customer service, they could potentially lose hundreds of customers, on the other hand, if they do change the...
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