The Curse

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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The Curse
Chapter 3
Puan Kamsiah-PK
Puan Normala- PN
Datin Sharifah- DS
Datuk Zulkifli-DZ
N| :| Puan Kamsiah bustled in from her vegetable garden into the living room. Her lips were tightly pursed in anxiety. She shook her head indignantly as she muttered under her breath, not realizing that Siti was sprawled on the couch with a book in her hands.| PK| :| The nerve of that woman! Spreading nonsense again.| S| :| (Glares up) What’s wrong, mum?|

PK| :| (Eyes her irritably) Nothing. Just mind your own business.| N| :| Puan Kamsiah sighed and walked towards the window. Siti knew exceedingly well that something or someone was bothering her mother. Siti stood up and went beside her mother who was staring absentmindedly at the sky. She waited expectantly for her mother to start talking but nothing was spoken.| S| :| Mum, is it about Madhuri again?|

PK| :| (Shoots her a look) Again? What do you mean by again?| S| :| Noor was telling everyone in school that her mother said that Madhuri had been murdered.| PK| :| (Stares at her daughter with her mouth gaping and her eyes bulging out)| S| :| (Lifts her hands up, as if to surrender) Of course, they’re just rumours. I don’t believe them. Don’t worry, mum.| PK| :| (Tsk three times) That wicked woman! How could she do this? That poor Madhuri hasn’t even been properly buried yet. I need to have a word with your father. Then she could at the very least keep her big mouth shut. That very woman brings the greatest shame to all of womankind. If Madhuri’s father hears this... He will be heartbroken.(Shakes her head)| S| :| I saw her father today... He seemed... absorbed.|

PK| :| (Hands on her hips) Whatever it is, Normala should learn to watch her mouth. ( Scoffs) Murdered indeed! The woman loves to create scandals. She should collaborate with Perez Hilton. She’s like a... a...| S| :| A slimy cobra with a three- forked tongue?|...
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