The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

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  • Published : June 8, 2011
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By reading as far as chapter 109, I feel you truly learn the positive and negative characteristic of Autism. Also, the disappearance of Christopher’s mother is highly suspicious.
In the beginning of the novel I could tell there was something different about Chris. Soon after reading you find out he has Autism. His incident in the police office really shows how autism can affect his understanding of things. For example on page 7 Chris is being asked questions by the police officer and then states "He was asking to many questions and he was asking them too quickly. They were stacking up in my head like loaves in the factory where Uncle Terry works. The factory is a bakery and he operates the slicing machines. And sometimes a slicer is not working fast enough but the bread keeps coming and there is a blockage. I sometimes think of my mind as a machine, but not always as a bread-slicing machine. It makes it easier to explain to other people what is going on inside it." Though this is considered a negative characteristic Chris manages to pull through and collect his thoughts.

Leading into my next point, Chris is most defiantly a very bright boy. Being the narrator of the novel you learn more and more about how autism affects his brain. However Chris shows high intelligence. An example of this is shown when Chris is talking about his A-level math exams. On page 44 he says "I am going to prove that I’m not stupid. Next month I’m going to take my A level in maths and I’m going to get an A grade. No one has ever taken an A level at our school before.." A level would be considered a grade 11 university math test in Canada. Chris excels with numbers and mathematics and is very confident he will get the grade he deserves.

When introduced to Chris' Family, you only meet his father and himself. Chris briefly tells the reader about the death of his mother. Chris came home from school to his upset father, his dad informed Chris his mother was in the hospital; however...
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