The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Letter

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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Creative Writing Assignment- Letter of Complaint
Dear Swindon Police Station,
I’m writing to you because I am not happy with the way you treated my 15 year old son last week, when he was taken into custody. I want to complain about the way you took him to the police station under false accusations and without contacting me, his father. It is against the law to take underaged children to the police station without contacting their parents or guardian. My son suffers from Aspergers syndrome and has many ‘pet peeves’. For one for thing he strongly dislikes it, when people touch him. This is why he reacted the way he did, when your officer went to grab his arm. This is because he is very sensitive and any sort of touch hurts and severely stresses him out. When he it touched, he completely looses it and often curls up into a ball groaning. He can however lash out, as he did. He is easily overwhelmed, as he doesn’t really understand emotions and his social skills are quite poor. He was overwhelmed when your officer bombarded him with questions; therefore he curled up into a small ball and started groaning. For him this is a relief. The police force is looked upon with respect and most people feel safe because they know there are people looking out for them. But if your police force can’t guarantee that our children, no matter their condition, how they look like and habits aren’t shown the same respect as adults, I can’t see that you, the police department, deserve this respect and idolisation. Also I do not agree with the f act that you have put my son on caution. He cannot be held responsible for his actions, because as I said before he suffers from Aspergers syndrome. As a father it’s my duty to ensure the best for my child. If I do not receive an apology directed to my son and if he isn’t cleared of all charges, I will go to court. Heck, I’ll go to the press too, and the mayor for that matter. I find it upsetting how you treat those poor children! Imagine...
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