The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The

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  • Published : November 10, 2014
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 The novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is an amazing book written by Mark Haddon in 1998. It is about a 15 years old boy named Christopher with the Asperger’s Syndrome. Christopher finds his neighbor’s dog called Wellington is killed; he then tries to overcome his disability in order to solve this case. Throughout the book, Mark Haddon used the first-person approach to tell the story which relates to Christopher’s life. Christopher’s mother is called Judy Boone, her name only comes out once in the whole book because she does not involve in Christopher’s life too much. Most of the time, Christopher calls her as “mother”. Even though Judy makes the decision that not to live with Christopher any more, she is a good parent because she loves Christopher unconditionally. No matter who or where Judy lives, she thinks about Christopher all the time. Christopher’s mother falls in love with Mr. Shears, a neighbor who lives next door, and soon she leaves Christopher and his father because she cannot stand them any more. She always needs to have more patience with Christopher because of his illness, but everyone has a limited tolerance for being patient. Therefore, how to treat and teach Christopher is always a question that causes Christopher’s parents to have a violent argument. When Judy goes shopping with Christopher, he always smashes things and then walks miles home instead of taking buses, these behaviors make Judy angry and finally she goes away. After Judy leaves, Christopher’s father does not tell this truth to Christopher. On the contrary, he lies to Christopher that Judy dies of a heart attack and prohibits Judy to visit Christopher. Judy never appears in Christopher’s life, so Christopher believes in his father without doubt. As a mother, Judy does not take her responsibility to take care of her child; for instant, she does not spend quality time with Christopher. Spending time with children is very significant because...
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