The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

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  • Published : February 8, 2011
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The curious incident of the dog in the night time

The curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon is about a 15 year old boy with aspergers syndrome called Christopher Boone and his hunt to find the killer a dog but discovers more than just the killer’s identity. The book uses several themes and techniques to show his struggles with his condition and his limited view of the world around him. Christopher lives with his father because his mother died two years ago. He discovers the dead body of Wellington the neighbor's dog speared by a garden fork. Mrs. Shears calls the police and Christopher comes under suspicion. When a policeman touches him he hits the policeman and is arrested then released with a caution. He decides to investigate the dog's death despite his father's orders to stay out of other people's business. But he is limited by his fears and difficulties of understanding the world. Christopher records his experiences in the book like a diary. During his investigation Christopher meets the elderly Mrs. Alexander who tells Christopher that his mother had an affair with Mr. Shears. Ed, his father, discovers the book and confiscates it from Christopher, after a fight between them. While searching for the book, Christopher uncovers a many letters which his mother wrote to him, dated after her death, which his father has hidden. He is shocked by his father lying about his mother's death that he vomits and groans for several hours until his father returns home. Ed realizes that Christopher has read the letters and cleans him up. He then confesses that he had lied about Judy's death and also that he who killed Wellington Christopher, having lost all trust in his father runs away. by his mother's address from the letters, he embarks on an adventurous trip to London, where his mother lives with Mr. Shears. After a long and event-filled journey, evading policemen, and feeling ill from the overwhelmingly large amount of information...
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