The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Characterisation of Judy Boone

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  • Published : June 9, 2009
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Christopher’s Mom
when he was 13 years old she had an affair with Roger, Mr Shears she decides to leave her son and her husband because she thinks that they would be better of without her ( London)
this hurts her husband Ed so badly that he tells Christopher his mother had died because of a heart attack

Outer appearance
“small person” (p.24)
“smells nice” (p.24)
“smoker” (p.96)

Character traits and behaviour we get to know from the novel “hot-tempered” woman, who gets angry quite quickly (p.103) shouts quite often (p.103)
hit Christopher sometimes (p.103)
knows how to handle Christopher (p.96, holiday: she gets him to put his feet into the water and she calms him down when he screams) “selfish” (p.137) ; Ed forbids her to come back ever again Letters: emphasizes again and again that she loves Christopher ; thinks about him all the time

reason for leaving her beloved son: - “she couldn’t take it anymore” - arguments with her husband
- felt lonely
- she spent time with Roger ; fell in
love with each other
- Ed is more patient ; the two would
be better of without her (but leaving
broke her heart)
She was overwhelmed by the situation, because handling with an autistic child is not always easy. She became kind of depressive (cries a lot etc.). At last she lost her rag very often so she is of the opinion that leaving is better for her son although she never meant to hurt him.

(Before she left she even told Christopher what her life would have looked like if she hadn’t married Ed ; p.98. So this shows that she sometimes dreams of a normal life. Actually you wouldn’t tell something like this to your son because it think that he is

she is very happy when Christopher comes to London; wants to hug him (p.237)
but it is still obvious that she is kind of impatient and maybe even a bit aggressive talking about the A-Level makes her crossed
(p.247, p.252 “Christopher, please.”)
she leaves Mr Shears for her son [change!] She decides...
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