The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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The Novel “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime” by Mark Haddon is a story about a fifteen-year-old Autistic boy named Christopher Boone. Christopher’s traits are very common in people who have Asperger’s syndrome. He is very smart and also very factual, for these reasons I really like Christopher, but his lack of social skills really frustrate me sometimes. During the book, Christopher is trying to become the first in his school to complete his A level math. He really likes math and he’s very good at it. I think he’s so smart because he enjoys it so much. In the story he does math in his head to calm him down, like in the train station because of the loud noises. Also to keep him entertained like when he spent all day in his room hiding from his father. Christopher is also very factual. He can’t see things from someone else’s point of view but I think he’s a good storyteller because the story isn’t bogged down by opinions. Based on events in his stories it’s usually easy enough to understand how people are feeling. I like how straight forward it is when you just get the facts. One of the many important things to know about Christopher is that he has Aspergers Syndrome (AS). This is a huge contributing factor to who he is and why he acts the way he does. Many people with AS are very gifted in math and or science but struggle in social situations. Siobhan is a great help to Christopher with this. At the beginning of the story Siobhan draws faces for Christopher and asks him to identify how the person is feeling. Christopher is very bad at this but with Siobhan’s help he learns very quickly what they mean, but he still struggles identifying what face someone is making. Through out the story I struggled to read about Christopher dealing with situations badly because he couldn’t understand how the other person was feeling. This was very apparent when he goes to stay with his mother. After not seeing her for years he didn’t even think to write back and...
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