The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Analysis

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  • Published: May 2, 2013
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Summary: (470)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is about a boy who was born prematurely old and aged backwards. The movie started off in a present setting in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina with an elderly dying woman named Daisy Williams and her daughter, Caroline. Daisy told Caroline to read Benjamin Button’s diary; her old friend and first love. As Caroline started to read, the scene flashed back to the early nineteen hundreds to Benjamin’s birth. He was born on the day World War One ended and his mother passed while giving birth to him. The doctor examined the new born baby and states that he was suffering from a number of illnesses that an elder would normally have and predicted that the baby would not survive long. After seeing his strange condition, his father abandoned him on a stranger’s porch. A black woman who runs a retirement home, Queenie, discovered Benjamin and raised him. As several years passed, Benjamin met Daisy at the retirement home party and instantly fell in love with her. They became good friends and spent a lot of time together. However, since Benjamin had the appearance of an old man and the elders in the house were unaware of his backwards aging condition, they did not find this acceptable and inappropriate. As more years passed, Daisy and Benjamin always kept in touch even though they went different paths. Benjamin went on to work on a tugboat and Daisy grew a passion for dance and became a ballet dancer. Even though they were separated, they never forgot each other and remained in love. They were able to meet and lived with each other when they were both in their forties, except this time, Benjamin looked about the same age as Daisy. They spent all day and all night together and she soon became pregnant with his baby. He became very worried the child would turn out like him and he would have to raise and take care of Daisy and the child while he was becoming younger. Shortly after the baby is born, Benjamin left Daisy and traveled the world working different jobs, while she remarried and raised her child with her new family. They met again when Daisy was around sixty and Benjamin had the appearance of a teen. They still had a burning love for each other and several years later, Benjamin was found in an abandoned building, suffering from dementia. Daisy now in her seventies, looked after him as would a loving grandmother and Benjamin slowly shrank to the size of a baby and passed on. The scene flashed back forward to the present, with Caroline finished with the diary. She discovered that Benjamin was actually her real father and Daisy, now at peace by explaining everything to her daughter through the diary, died. Reason I Liked the Film: (321)

I enjoy movies with romance, but all the romantic movies have become very cliché. I liked this film a lot since it had a little bit of a twist. In most romance movies, it is easy to predict what the outcome would be, but this movie had me curious about what might happen next. Even though I knew Benjamin was aging backwards, it still got me every time a new scene would come up with him looking younger. I also liked how most of the movie was a flashback. It reminded me of movies like The Notebook and Titanic, which are some other movies that I loved. Also, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett are both amazing actors and played their roles very well. I think Brad Pitt does an amazing job in all of his movies. The special and visual effects were done great as well and they deserved that Oscar in 2009. It was really cool to see Brad Pitt as a old and wrinkly man and even as a young boy in his late teens. The tone of the movie was very sad and gloomy and the storyline was very sorrowful as well, yet there were a few comical characters that made the movie a little amusing. I mostly like this film because of the character Benjamin. Although I was not marveled by his character until towards the end of the film, I was rooting for him the entire time and grew...
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