The Curies

Topics: Marie Curie, Pierre Curie, Radium Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Marie and Pierre Curie were French Scientists whose work together led to some of the most important knowledge and discoveries in modern physics and chemistry. Pierre, being very educated in the sciences and mathematics, was and exquisite scientist from a very young age. Marie, a gifted student with some of the highest honors became one of the most influential women scientists in history. Marie and Pierre were married in the Summer of 1895, marking the magnificent start of new discoveries and scientific achievements.

Marie Curie was born Marie Sklodowska in Warsaw, Poland, on November 7, 1867. As a child she was a highly gifted daughter of a physics teacher. Both her parents believed deeply of the importance of education and Marie had a thirst for knowledge. Because of laws prohibiting Marie to study higher education, she was gifted the chance to move to Paris in 1891 to study at the Sorbonne. With financial problems in her family, Marie did not have a chance to study there until she was twenty-four. Although Marie had little understanding in spoken French and was away from her studies for over five years, she had much interest in studying at the Sorbonne and he joy in this helped her overcome all difficulties. With some of the highest honors, Marie received degrees in both physical sciences and mathematics. Her goal was to earn a teacher’s diploma and return to Poland.

Pierre Curie was born in Paris, France, on May 15, 1859. At the age of fourteen, Pierre, educated by his father, developed a passion for mathematics, especially spatial geometry. This helped Pierre later in his work of crystallography. He earned his licence es sciences (the equivalent of an American master’s degree) at the age of eighteen, and in 1879 was asked to perform as a laboratory assistant at the Sorbonne. His first great work, collaborated with his brother Jacques, took place when he was just twenty-one. The brothers demonstrated that as pressure is applied to certain crystals, an...
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