The Culture of the Basseri of Iran

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The Culture of the Basseri of Iran

Tamika Michelle Mays

ANT101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Instructor: Michael King

August 9, 2011

The Culture of the Basseri of Iran

The Basseri are traditional pastoral nomads who inhabit the Iranian province of Fārs and migrate along the steppes and mountains near the town of Shīrāz. The Basseri are a clearly delineated group, defined as are most groups in the area by political rather than by ethnic or geographical criteria. This essay will take an in-depth look at the beliefs and values, sickness and healing, and the social organization of the Basseri of Iran. In addition, it will analyze and explain the impact that these primary mode of subsistence have on the Basseri of Iran culture.

A.Thesis Statement.
II.Beliefs and Values.
A. What type of beliefs and values.
B. How they affect the culture.
III.Sickness and Healing.
A.What types of sickness affects the culture.
B.What type of methods does the culture use to heal people.
VI.Social Organization.
A. What type of social organization are in place.

The Basseri of Iran are a pastoral society. Pastoralism is a subsistence strategy involved in herding animals such as sheep, goats, camels, alpaca, reindeer, and cattle. Reference:
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