The Culture of Music

Topics: Music, University, A Great Way to Care Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: January 31, 2013
The Culture of Music

Capella, bebop, classical, folk, fusion, vibe, chill, hymn, instrumental, relax, piece, ragtime, nap, soul, song, loud, fun, party, tune are all words that come in mind when I hear the word music. Music is apart of today’s society, it is changing everyday as different events take place in our lives, especially as a college student. Music can sooth the soul, excite the emotions, and provide a sense of cultural identity. Towell says “that music helps encourage students to read.” One way of doing this is called engagement. Engagement happens when music causes an emotional response while reading. This is what makes the reader more interested in what he/she is reading. This also is true when it comes to the classroom at any grade level. Music can awaken emotions in people and occasionally animals. It can make them feel energetic, sad, happy, or bring out the feelings that you happen to be feeling at the time. The effects of music can be different people, and some people like different kinds of music than others. Music is a phenomenon that is always being researched and something that can even improve health by releasing hormones that are healthy and natural for the body. Music also has many other effects that are individual to different people. It is also a fun way to entertain yourself and can help you to relax. "A piece of music heard even once might be forever joined to a personal sense of place and powerful sense memories.” A college student’s escape from reality or a form of entertainment to a married couple, music brings everyone together. Music definitely affects the lifestyles of people in many different ways. The diverse styles of music makes people look and act differently. Music has many different levels. To me, levels meaning; the more independent and progressive the music is, the more the fans take it to the extreme. Music creates style. It causes people to talk, act, and dress the way they do. I hope to discover how much music...
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