The Culture of Country Music

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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The Culture of Country Music
Country music is one of the most relatable forms of self-expression in our current culture; it is often used to express the personal thoughts, ways of living, and spirituality in the everyday lives of its listeners.

Country music has grown to accommodate a very large and eclectic audience, keeping up with the growth and maturity its culture. It started with a few artists and a radio station, and has grown exponentially in a relatively small time. The impact of this music has pushed the media to create newer and more portable outlets for listening; such as records, cassette tapes, compact discs, music videos, and multi-media players. These technological advancements have encouraged the growth of country music into the pop culture forefront. This music has made a large impact in the everyday lifestyles of various culture types around the world. As Americans, country music usually involves the emotions as a personal preference throughout people of all ages. The artists in this genre strive to reach the listener’s emotions on a very personal level, while also having to take into account the entertainment value of their songs. When listening to the different songs, people tend to develop a kinship to the music according to the emotions brought out by the lyrics. This type of music has evolved greatly in the past fifty-plus years, forcing technology to keep up with growing demands. Even in the face of a new generation, country music has remained an integral part of many lives everyday.
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